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Inspiration Riding Academy, LLC - Teaching Hunter Jumper Lessons to Riders of all Ages
Meet our Horses
Cowboy -
Cowboy loves attention and teaching young riders about ponies.
Size = 12 Hands
Color = Black and White Pinto
Favorite Snack = Peppermints!! (sugar-free!)
Loves = To talk (nicker) to other horses when he's at a show!
Cowboy competes with a young rider at a schooling show during a pile of poles class. 
 Cowboy is a small pony who is our lead-line expert.  He is great with little kids and lets them brush and comb him while standing patiently.  He has taught many kids how to care for horses and the basics - leading, mounting, walking, steering, and trotting.  He loves to receive treats and is always ready for some attention.  Cowboy was also Novice English Reserve Champion at the 2012 Weld County Fair!

Belle -
Belle is a great mover, what a lovely trot!  She is a barn favorite at lessons and camps!

Size = 13.2 Hands
Color = Black with a White Star
Favorite Snack = Bananas
Loves = Her lunch and her baby, Prince!
Belle takes great care of our younger riders during their riding lessons.

Bell is our medium pony and came to us from an Eventing barn in Texas where she carried riders of all ages at Cross Country events and Hunter / Jumper shows.  She has really smooth gaits and moves a 10!  She is a very sweet girl, very responsive to aids and takes good care of her riders.  We are so lucky to have her with us!  She was the Pile of Poles Reserve Champion at the Box Elder Schooling show in 2014 and has won numerous Schooling Show Championships since then!  She had a beautiful foal in 2016 and is now enjoying getting back to work teaching all our kids.

Princess -
Princess competing with her former owner, she loves to jump.
Size = 14.1 Hands
Color = Grey & White Pinto
Favorite Snack = Crab Apples off the Tree
Loves = Bossing around the mares and hanging with Jordan
Princess teaches older kids and adults riding lessons.  She loves jumping lessons and going to horse shows!

Princess is a large pony who came to us from a Hunter/Jumper Show barn earlier this summer.  She carried her previous owner successfully in the Medium Stirrup and Pony divisions at the Colorado Hunter Jumper Association (CHJA) horse shows in 2012 until she outgrew her and now she's all ours!  She loves to jump and is lots of fun, we are glad she gets to be with us!


Charlie - 

Size = 14.1 Hands
Color = White & Brown Leopard POA (Pony of Americas)
Favorite Snack = Animal Crackers & Smarties!
Loves = Getting on the trailer with his friends and his nephew Prince

Charlie is a large pony, registered POA.  He is a fun boy and takes care of all his kiddos and is always ready to rise to the occasion.  His smooth gaits and friendly personality make him a real joy to ride.  He came to us with an Eventing and Dressage background so he know his stuff!!  He is extremely athletic and very kind.  We love our Charlie!!

Levi - 

Size = 11 Hands
Color = Pinto Pony
Favorite Snack = Peppermints!! (sugar-free!)
Loves = Rolling in the dirt and getting scratched and groomed.

Pinky - 

Size = 13.3 Hands
Color = Bay Welsh Pony
Favorite Snack = Horse Cookies 
Loves = Being brushed and fussed over

April - 

Size = 17 Hands
Color = Chestnut Thoroughbred Mare 
Favorite Snack = Apples 
Loves = Jumping and teaching riders

Sid - 

Size = 15.2 Hands
Color = Bay Appaloosa Gelding 
Favorite Snack =  Horse Cookies
Loves = Being the Boss in the Pasture and his girl, Rosie

Prince - 

Size = Still growing!
Color = Black Welsh/German Riding Pony 
Favorite Snack =  Anything!
Loves = Playing with the big boys (Jordan & Beau) and lots of attention!

Stella - 
Stella is a thoroughbred hunter. 
Size = 15.2 Hands
Color = Chestnut
Favorite Snack = Horse Cookie
Loves = Attention and being groomed!

Stella at our Pierce location, she's ready for some attention!

Stella is a home-bred Thoroughbred by Money Game and was born on our property.  She is kind, loves attention, has very smooth gaits and moves at 10+!!  She is working on her training and experience and we are looking forward to many fabulous years with her and adding her to our lesson string when she is ready.  Future Children's Hunters - here we come!!!

Jordan -
Jordan has been used for advanced riding lessons. 


Size = 16.2 Hands
Color = Dark Brown
Favorite Snack = Apples
Loves = Being King of the Ponies

Jordan at our Private Farm, it is a great place to learn to ride and enjoy your horseback riding lessons!  
Jordan is our big Boss.  He's a 23 year old Thoroughbred gelding and is enjoying having a Pony Crew to lead.  He has competed in all three rings all across the Western States and moved to Colorado from Montana and was Stefanie's Equitation horse after she retired her Warm-blood mare.  Jordan loves to dunk his hay in the water trough and misses his ponies when they travel for lessons and horse shows.  Our very advanced riders get to enjoy Jordan's awesome canter and big, natural stride.