Big News - it's official!
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Big News - it's official!

Below is the announcement I sent to family members announcing the opening of the Riding Academy:
Hi Family!!
So just to clear things up, we are not having another baby in the traditional sense.  But it will be a baby in a way.  After many months of thoughtful reflection (in between of taking care of kids,working a full time stressful job, feeding and caring for -what feels like- a dozen animals, and spending time with Greg in spare moments) I’ve decided to open a Riding Academy and return to my “roots” and to what grounds me and fills my heart.  It’s a leap, but the family (Greg, Maya, and Maggie) are super supportive and on board with the adventure.  I will continue also work at my traditional job – so I’m not jumping off a cliff without a net! J
I will be starting on Facebook shortly and will invite you all to “like” me when I get to that step. I’ve got my first client coming for a lesson on Monday and will be advertising in the next issue of the Parent magazine.  In an interesting twist of fate, my friend (Steph) recently purchased the facility that I taught out of right out of college, so I’ll be back there with Cowboy & Belle (our ponies) and some other cool school horses teaching kids how to ride.  I’ll also be teaching from our place here in Pierce.
Lots of work, but work with passion feels purposeful and fun.  And that’s the point, right?  To have fun! 
So, I’m officially open for business and wanted you all to know about our cool new adventure.
Love & Light!  Stef