Perfectionist - the fear of making mistakes
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Perfectionist - the fear of making mistakes
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Perfectionist - the fear of making mistakes

Not being a "writer" I often hesitate to update my blog, thinking maybe I won't find the "right" words or do it well enough.  This perfectionist attitude gets in the way of our progress every day and even more so when it comes to riding horses.  We all have fears and concerns about safety or potentially getting hurt, but what about the fear that we may may a mistake, that we aren't good enough, that we aren't "perfect"?  That one really can hinder our progress.
It doesn't matter where it comes from, whether you were born a perfectionist or whether you had to become one to "survive".  The controlling aspect of never making mistakes doesn't bode well with our equine friends.  Some of us can be so fearful that we never take any action - so can never make any progress.  Most horses don't mind a mistake here or there.  What is important is that if something doesn't work (AKA - mistake), then you take a look at what you can do differently and eventually find what DOES work.  Mistakes are opportunities to explore and learn valuable lessons.  As a teacher, I want to see your mistakes so I know what we need to work on, evaluate what you know (or don't know) and then give you tools so you can progress. 
So here's to being "good enough," making some mistakes and figuring it out!  The truth is life is messy, riding horses is hard and takes a lot of time to master.  My hope is that you find a knowledgeable instructor that you trust to work through those mistakes so you can start to let go of that fear and trust that with some practice and consistency you will make progress.  :-)